The Rolling Stones — аккорды и текст песни Laugh, I Nearly Died

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	    H				G
I've been travelling but I don't know where
I've been missing you but you just don't care
And I've been wandering, I've seen Greece and Rome
Lost in the wilderness, so far from home
Yeah, yeah
H			     G
I've been to Africa, looking for my soul
And I feel like an actor looking for a role
I've been in Arabia, I've seen a million stars
Been sipping champagne on the boulevards - yes

Проигрыш: Em G

Hm	             Em G
I'm so sick and tired
Trying to turn the tide, yeah
So I'll say my goodbye
G		       H
Laugh, laugh I nearly died

H		          G
I've been down to India, but it froze my bones
I'm living for the city, but I'm all alone
I've been travelling, but I don't know where
I've been wandering, but I just don't care

Проигрыш: Em G

I hate to be denied
How you hurt my pride
I feel pushed aside
But laugh, laugh, laugh I nearly died

Been travelling far and wide
Wondering who's going to be my guide

H			      G
Living in a fantasy but it's way too far
But this kind of loneliness is way too hard
I've been wandering, feeling all alone
I lost my direction and I lost my home... Well

I'm so sick and tired Now I'm on the side
Feeling so despised When you laugh, laugh I almost died